Confidence Coaching

Confidence Coaching

Coaching for Confidence

Ever felt you'd like to develop better confidence skills?

Ever walked away from a meeting, an interview or a situation and replayed it in your head a thousand times, wishing you could have done better?

Ever wish you could have more of an impact, or a different impact, on the people around you?

Are those negative voices inside your head a thorn in your side?

A one to one session with a confidence coach will help you understand why, when, where and with whom you feel your confidence reduces.

Confidence training will help you gain quick and easy tools that you can use to raise your confidence and be the person you know you can be.

In your confidence session, we will look at how to give you immediate support and work on a long-term strategy to increase your confidence and improve your experience of life.

A Confidence Coaching session will deal with:

  • How you feel in certain situations
  • How you can manage your own emotions and nerves
  • What you think about yourself and the situation you find yourself in
  • How that impacts your level of confidence - and who's in charge of those thoughts!
  • What you say both to yourself and to other people
  • What words you are choosing
  • What story are you telling that then shapes how you feel about yourself
  • What you do in terms of how you present yourself
  • Your body language, personal energy and how this impacts on how you are perceived

Numerous studies show that we are all influenced by and believe in our own perceptions of the truth.

If you appear confident, people will believe that you are.

They will then begin to treat you as a confident person.

And guess what?

You'll begin to feel confident enough to start being who you want to be.

You'll be able to live the life you want to live and do the things that you want to do.

Whether you're walking into a job interview or a birthday party, you can access your inner confidence to make the impact you choose.

A one to one session, by its nature, is tailored to your specific needs.

You'll walk away with a set of tangible, practical tools and the confidence to start using them tomorrow.

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Confidence Coaching

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