Yara - Advanced Presentation Course

Advanced Presentation Course

Advanced Presentation Skills Course

Delegate -  Eva Orro - Sales Excellence Manager

Company - YARA

Eva attended our Advanced Presentation Skills Course

on 16th February 2018

Eva said:

"Presentation is 80% preparation (where Impact Factory made the difference)

The course helped me prepare for my presentation in front of 250 people when undertaking the training with Impact Factory:

- Rehearsing the beginning of my actual presentation and being given tips for a "hot start" by the trainers

- Practising the "power of the pause"

- Practising how to be caught off guard and how to stay on track

- Tips on distributing attention across multiple audiences

- Finally, seeing a video of myself presenting being played back on the same day and receiving feedback on the strengths that I can capitalize upon."


Advanced Presentation Course

This course was run by

 advanced presentation skills course   Tom Bodell  advanced presentation skills course   Katie Kensit


Advanced Presentation Course

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