West Sussex Council - Building Resilience Course

Building Resilience Course - West Sussex Council

Building Resilience Course 

Delegate: Ian Culton Business Analyst, IT Services 

Company: West Sussex Council

Ian attended our Building Resilience Course

on 5 March 2018

Ian said:

"Useful strategies & techniques presented in an engaging & relatable manner.

I enjoyed the course, finding it informative and engaging.

A number of techniques were introduced, along with real-world examples of how these could be implemented.

The instructors were very knowledgeable and kept everyone involved through physical activities and group work, changing the groups around to ensure that all participants had an opportunity to work with each other.

Additionally, there is a fantastic level of support following the completion of the course, with resources available through a website and emails from the instructors".


Building Resilience Course

The course was run by:

Building Resilience Course - Impact Factory Training Consultant  Tom Bodell  Building Resilience Course - Impact Factory Training Consultant Ottillie Parfitt


Building Resilience Course

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