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Public Speaking Course - University of Wolverhampton

Public Speaking Course

Delegate – Trevor Cox - Visiting Lecturer

University of Wolverhampton

Trevor attended our

Public Speaking Course

on 13 Sept 2018

Trevor said:

''I took the public speaking course as I was trying to pluck up the courage to turn my education into a potential career in teaching.

I honestly didn’t think I could do it prior to the course - and I’ve since been lecturing to university students for hours at a time.

I did a few courses but yours especially helped me - it was so interactive, which gave no chance for the anxiety to build up too much.

Public Speaking now gets easier every time and has given me the confidence to take on career opportunities that I might otherwise have forever regretted passing up.

So, thanks so much guys. You worked wonders on me”.

Trevor Cox, Visiting Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton


Public Speaking Course

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Public Speaking Course

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