Universal Music Group - Line Management Course

Line Management Course - Universal Music Group

Line Management Course

Delegate: Christopher Downes - Front of House and Events Supervisor

Company - Universal Music Group

Christopher attended Our

Line Management Course

on 29th & 30th August 2018

Christopher said:

"A Five Star***** Course. 

I attended the Two Day Line Management course that was hosted by both Katy and Katie and they were, honestly, so phenomenal in their teaching and techniques.

They were constantly attentive and displayed such professionalism throughout whilst still being so warm, welcoming and helpful.

I have raved about this course to my company and have encouraged so many of my colleagues to attend!

Extremely satisfied and would happily attend courses held by Impact Factory!”


Line Management Course

The Course was run by

Line Management Course  Katy Miller Line Management Course  Katie Kensit 

Line Management Course

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