NHS Confederation - Public Speaking Course

Public Speaking Course

Public Speaking Course

Delegate - Heidi Williams - Senior Programme Officer

Company -  NHS Confederation

Heidi attended our

Public Speaking Course

on 1st July 2016

Heidi said:

"have actively been putting myself into situations where I can practice and build on what I learned with you.

More than six months on, I still consider and share examples with colleagues about what I learned from that day at Impact Factory.

Before this workshop, I would have been terrified to talk in front of just a few colleagues…

I now speak confidently to large groups of people with ease.

Last week, a colleague who hasn’t heard me speak since before the workshops said ‘you’ve really improved and stood out a lot more when you’re speaking just recently, what’s happened?’

I said:

'I learned what works for me at a public speaking course. It was fantastic.”


Public Speaking Course

The course was run by

Public Speaking Course     Ottillie Parfitt    Public Speaking Course     Katie Poulter 

Public Speaking Course


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