NHS BASSETLAW CCG - Leadership Course

Leadership Course

Leadership Course

Delegate - Emma James - Deputy Practice Manager

Company - Riverside Health Centre

Emma  attended our Leadership Course

on 26th October 2016

Emma  said:

“I came back from London really motivated. I have been using  (as best I can) the coaching approach with our new IT Apprentice.

This seems to be going really well and we are sailing through his training.

I have also stopped answering the team’s questions, I turn to them and ask them how they would solve the problem/issue.

I got funny looks to start with!

However, I explained that they really don't need to ask me as they know the answer.

We work through the problem/issue together and I have now seen a decline in interruptions throughout the day.
I have used the obstacle map which I found in the resources from the website.

It was really useful, the management team got together to look at how best to use the GP resource in December, this was a massive task so I used the obstacle map to focus our efforts.

I just now need to learn how to deal with stressed out GP's!

The 2-day course has been a great help over the last few weeks."

Leadership Course

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Leadership Course


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