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Acclaim with Impact

Bloomberg - Presentation Skills Training

"Boring and time consuming is what initially sprung to mind...well these things usually are aren't they?!

"Fast forward to the Presentation Workshop and words such as 'fun', 'interesting' and 'insightful' replaced prior conceptions. Surely our manager had made a mistake...was this really the grey and corporate Presentation workshop we were supposed be attending?"

"Dannie and David were refreshingly empathetic and honest as well as motivating and encouraging. A valuable lesson to be taken away from the session was that presenting does not have to be one dimensional in the corporate world. In short, we were pushed to think outside of the confines of the corporate box."

Agnes Paraskeva
Digital Sales

BG GROUP - Communicate With Impact Course

BG GROUP - Communicate With Impact

"I still marvel at the session we did on working a room. Tina Lamb gave a lesson that made a huge impact on everyone there. And, by the way, she did it in a masterful way. It was a master class on master classes.

"Our leaders on the programme were very, very good, they stood out from the crowds of people who purport to be communicators because they were phenomenal communicators; they were very effective and ultimately they delivered huge impact on us."

Dave Key
Crisis Readiness Manager

APM Terminals - Communicate With Impact Course

"It was great to be in a place where emphasis was on positive feedback. Many people we encounter in our daily work focus in on the negatives and dragging people down which hardly gets your brain buzzing. I can honestly say that in my twenty years of working life this course was one where I have taken so much away and learned a great deal about myself and my capabilities. On other courses normally I would take away a binder full of copied presentation slides" 

Christopher Styles 

Projects and Development Manager - APM Terminals

Southeastern - Presentation Skills Course

"I now have staff from all other parts of the business begging me for the chance to train with Impact Factory, and with such a buzz around these training courses, we are now exploring with Impact Factory other areas of management development. "Read more

BASF - Communicate With Impact Course

"I’m still speechless. Within one working week, a level of mutual trust had developed that still moves me as I am writing this. Over the five days, I was shown the DNA of communication, it was the decoding of a blueprint with all its levers, bolts and details.
Martin Geyer - HR Governance EU
 Read more

Arcadia Group Ltd - Influencing for Success Course

"Very insightful. Motivating. Great facilitators. Thank you for delivering a great workshop."Read more

Balfour Beatty - Building Creative Muscle Course

"My team have used Impact Factory for a number of training needs and have always given the courses very positive feedback. Attendees also have mentioned they like the "tailored" feel to the courses (even though they are open courses) and appreciate having two trainers run the courses. The interactive style works well and people genuinely feel they have come away with new skills"Read more

British Transport Police - Coaching and Mentoring Course

Enjoyed the day and your delivery style was spot on for this course. Nice to be in a group that wasn't filled with 'cynical coppers' and the diversity of the group really made the day not only interesting to me but beneficial in my own development.
Rae Jiggins - British Transport PoliceRead more

Capsticks - Line Management Course

I think that a great deal was packed into the two days, but the balance for me was perfect and we covered everything that I hoped - if not more. I also came away feeling much more positive about the skills I already have.
Rita Dilenna - HR Advisory Manager - CapsticksRead more

Construction Skills - Communication Skills Course

“I found the environment and style of training very supportive and helpful. I have fed back to our HR Team that I found the course very useful and would certainly recommend an Impact Factory programme to a friend or work colleague. “
PaulGaze - Specialist Federation Support Manager - Construction SkillsRead more

Football Foundation - Communication Skills Course

“I thought this course was absolutely brilliant and really worthwhile for anyone. I would definitely recommend it.”
Thelfa Al-khafaji - Community Programme Manager - Football FoundationRead more

Foreign & Commonwealth Office - Creative Strategic Thinking Course

“Many thanks for the training you delivered last week. Both the team and myself really found it very useful and of great benefit.”Read more

Honeywell - Presentation Skills Course

“Helped me better to comprehend how I really perform from an audience point of view. I've learnt many useful tactics which I am looking forward to utilizing in the future. “Read more

King's College London  - Creativity and Innovation Course

“Many thanks for facilitating a course that really challenged the way we think about problems and problem solving, you were right that it’s easy to become trapped into thinking one way.”Read more

ING - Business Networking Course

“Impact factory have been delivering networking training for us for three years and were a natural choice. Professional, adaptable, easy to work with and fully engaging our people all the time. We know they give great value.”Read more

ING - Communicate With Impact Course

“The Communicate with Impact course with Impact Factory is without a doubt by far the best and the most rewarding course I have ever attended in all of my career.”Read more

Kolmar - Performance Management Course

“The Impact Factory courses have been really useful, not only by helping us to learn some new things about ourselves, but especially by pointing us in the direction of better managing and understanding our staff here in Zug.”Read more

Lexis - Brainstorming Course

"I really enjoyed our brainstorming session last week and thought it was extremely useful (and revealing!)."Read more

National Housing Federation - Creative Business Writing Course

"My team and I greatly enjoyed the day with Impact Factory and their creative business writing course was excellent. We came back to our work with fresh ideas and renewed enthusiasm to engage our customers with copy that really speaks to them."Read more

Customer Service  Training Course - NHS Brent

“This has to be the best customer services training I have ever attended. The course was made fun and I felt comfortable enough to participate and enjoyed it. I thought it would have been boring, but the scenarios and role play implemented the learning process.”Read more

Northumbria University  - Creativity and Innovation Course

“Thanks loads for a cool day in the studio, it was really interesting. It got me really thinking about the whole creativity process and where it comes from.”

Northumbria University Read more

NYCOMED - Quicker Better Meetings Course

“Great training session on Friday.Conveyed lots of tips and information whilst being engaging and fun at the same time.”
 Read more

Roche - Quicker Better Meetings Course

"We loved your approach and enthusiasm. In short, you were fabulous. Impact Factory are certainly an organisation who deliver the goods! "Read more

Subsea 7 - Advanced Presentation Course

“Very focused, effective, one to one coaching. What particularly worked for me was the relaxed environment, small group and a lot of ‘air time’ for each person on the course. Very useful and some good tips for future presentations.”Read more

TT Electronics - Presentation Skills Course

"I presented our year end results to our Board last week and tried to bring in some of the techniques used, and felt a lot more confident of the impact that I was having. I have various other investor meetings next week which will give me further opportunities to present."Read more

With Relish - Business Networking Course

“Brilliant day yesterday. The role play was really useful to get such specific feedback and be given empowering tools to use into the future. You're very good at what you do.”
Sarah Hyndman - Creative Director - With Relish LtdRead more

UCAS - Presentation Skills Course

"I really can’t tell you how useful the course was for me…’life-altering’ is on the tip of my tongue. I did the dreaded presentation on Monday. The audience seemed to love it and I have already had three people come to tell me specifically how brilliant they thought it was.”Read more

Southeastern Railway - Train the Trainer Course

“I discovered a wonderful source of inspiration your incredible gift of ideas allied with wonderful nuggets of wisdom I found Impactful, valuable and insightful. You so adroitly combined practical wisdom, humour, and serious content in a lively yet powerful and professional style! ”Read more

Saudi Development & Training - Train the Trainer Course

Just wanted to take the time to say thank you for a very good, no, great course last week, I really enjoyed it, just as my fellow delegates did.”Read more

Conflict Management Course - Transport for London

"I would like to say thank you for a wonderful course with excellent tutors and also a fab group. I generally liked the course and you really did make a difference."
Adrian Williams - Senior Cost and Planning Analyst - Transport for LondonRead more

 APS Infrastructure Ltd - Communication Skills Course

Thank you for a very enjoyable day. In particular, using the different types of questions correctly has made finding out what our clients require much easier.
Stephen Reeve - APS Infrastructure LtdRead more

Influencing and Negotiation Course - Tech Data Ltd

"I was able to understand that not all people work the same as I do, and to go into a conversation / meeting etc knowing my audience a little better and adapting my communication to suit them!"
Emma Bowdrey - UK E-Commerce Business Development Manager - Tech Data LimitedRead more

AudienceScience - Advanced Presentation Course

"The day was really useful, definitely one of the best training courses I’ve ever attended and I’ve just taken on a new role within the business that is going to involve a lot more presenting!"
James Kendall - Account Director - AudienceScienceRead more

Target Ovarian Cancer - Advanced Presentation Course

"I really, really enjoyed the course. To be honest I wasn’t looking forward to it (as I don’t like public speaking!) but you both created such a friendly, relaxed and safe environment, plus the fact that it was a small group and fortunately everyone was lovely! It all contributed to a really great experience and one that I will always remember."
Amy Cartlidge - Fundraising manager - Target Ovarian CancerRead more

BD Medical - Storytelling Course

"I can say that I’ve been using and encouraging others to use more pausing as well as encouraging them to use more storytelling for purposes of creating a personal connection and engagement."
Bryan D. Bullock - Senior Advisor BD MedicalRead more

British Legion - Personal Impact Course

"I've found I'm much more in control of conversations. I've also been using the power of the pause quite a bit and am staggered at how people react to me due to me not reacting in the way they thought I would!"
Natalie - britishlegion.org.ukRead more

Royal College of Nursing - Time Management Course

"Your programme had a profound impact on the way I function at work and I thank you all for that."...
Jayne Tierney - Regional Officer - RCN LondonRead more

PKF Littlejohn LLP - Assertiveness Course

"Thank you very much for a wonderful course. I started applying the skills I learnt right when I got back to the office. I must say I have felt different, more confident and more in control of my world. I have also been able to focus on my career and be more in control of what I want to achieve at my place of work."
Sylvia Ondolo - Financial Services Manager - PKF Littlejohn LLPRead more

Human Resource Development Fund - Presentation Course

"I really liked the way the course was delivered. Good trainers, friendly, knowledgeable and approachable. Fantastic exercises that helped me."
Saleh Al-Hamyid - PR specailist - Human Resource Development FundRead more

QAD - Presentation Skills

"I really enjoyed the course , I liked the way you and Simon made us all feel really relaxed and the fact that its done in small groups, plus the many activities that you do throughout the 2 days were good as well."
Emma Wheway - Account Manager - QADRead more

Conflict Management Course - National Housing Federation

“ I thoroughly enjoyed the course and have most definitely taken away a few tools to help me on a day to day basis. I have done 3 courses at Impact Factory now and I would certainly come again!”
Lucy McCrindle - Conference Organiser - National Housing FederationRead more

Valneva SE - Presentation Course

"I was really satisfied with the quality of the training. You created a very motivating atmosphere and provided us with many new and useful tools. I will certainly recommend this course!"
Silvia Bertran Valls - Patent Attorney - Valneva SERead more

AETN UK - Line Management

"I found the course absolutely invaluable, thank you so much for providing us with such an informative and thoughts provoking session. I will of course contact you if I have any specific concerns but for now I’m just enjoying putting your advice into practice!"...
Mark Cornacchia - Head of Account and Creative Management - AETN UKRead more

Elexon - Quicker Better Meetings Course

"I found the course most useful. I have become more aware of peoples behaviours as a result of the training. I certainly will be reviewing my notes before the next meeting I chair/facilitate."
Simon Fox - Change Analyst – ElexonRead more

Cath Kidston - Quicker Better Meetings Course

"I really enjoyed the course – it was so helpful in so many ways! Both Sarah and Caitlin were fantastic facilitators, really welcoming and engaging.Thank you again for such a worthwhile and valuable day!”
Lisa Noremberg - L&D Advisor - Cath KidstonRead more

Train the Trainer Course - System Concepts

"The course was brilliant and found it very practical and relaxed. I learnt things about myself, I have never thought I would"
Szilvia Kovacs - System Concepts - Health and Safety ConsultantRead more

Bindmans LLP - Line Management Course

"I wanted to take this opportunity to say a further enormous thank you for two very stimulating and useful days. You really do offer something special at Impact Factory. I genuinely feel very lucky to have been able to do the course."
John Halford - Solicitor / Partner - Bindmans LLPRead more

YHA - Creative Strategic Thinking Course

"I found the course really useful and have since used many of the tools demonstrated over the 2 days; I’ve even suggested that a few colleagues attend the session"
Lauren Pethybridge - Head of Food & Beverage - YHARead more

DiaDraw - Assertiveness Training Course

"The course opened my eyes for a lot of new ideas.  I am really excited about the impact these are already having on my life. I loved the format of it. Instead of a lecture, we got to play: enter different situations and try out various roles, attitudes and mental states in them. Speak of impact..."
Radoslava Leseva - Software Developer - DiaDrawRead more

Southeastern Railway - Influencing Course

"I would like to thank you for the Influencing Skills course you ran. The content and delivery was excellent and will certainly put into practice what I have learnt."
Gregory Clarke - Propulsion, Auxiliary Supply and Power Supply Engineer - Southeastern RailwayRead more

Time Management Course -SMRS

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training and have taken quite a few things away; not working evenings, delegating, using the Important/Urgency matrix and working from home."
Sarah Sturgess - Agency Director - SMRS LtdRead more

Entertainment One - Presentation Course

"The course was really inspiring. It brought out the best in me and I have used the skills I learned in both my working and personal life. I will be forever grateful to both Tom and Bill."
Joe Paley - Acquisitions Coordinator - Entertainment OneRead more

Influencing and Negotiation Course - PhonepayPlus Ltd

"Thank you. I can indeed confirm I have used the tools taught in the course since! They have been very useful. It was a very good two days."
Oliver Sweeney - In-House Counsel - PhonepayPlus LtdRead more

Natures Way Foods - Personal Impact Course

"This has got to be the best course I’ve been on! I feel I am ‘ARMED’ and ready to make a step change improvement in my personal communication style."
Mark Andrews - Planning Manager - Natures Way FoodsRead more

Wilson & Scott (Highways) Ltd - Presentation Course

"Thank you to all at the Impact Factory for your warmth and hospitality. The course was certainly one of the best I have attended. The knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject was self evident throughout the day in everything that Caitlin and Dom did!"
Richard Mills - Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality Manager - Wilson & Scott (Highways) LtdRead more

Presentation Course - Interpublic Group

"I wanted to write to thank you so much for your excellent tuition and help. I had to host an important conference last week and give a presentation to all our senior leadership. The whole thing went better than I could ever have hoped!"
Emma Graham - IPGIT Corporate Business Lead EMEA - Interpublic Group
Read more

Go-Ahead Group plc - Advanced Presentation Course

“Over the years I have attended plenty of trainings and seminars. This is the first time that I can honestly say that I felt I could put the skills to use right away, and I have done to great effect!"...
Mark Anderson - Head of Marketing Company - Go-Ahead Group plcRead more

University of Southampton - Train the Trainer Course

"This course was not what I was expecting, but in a very, very good way, it brushed away the cobwebs of dull training structures from the past and introduced laughter, energy and enthusiasm."
Kate Grant - Mediation Services Manager - University of SouthamptonRead more

Clinical Professionals - Train the Trainer Course

“How refreshing to have such a different environment from conventional training. It was just the right balance of structure and flexibility and it has enabled me to reprioritise what I thought was important."
Kirsty Thomas - Contracts Manager - Clinical ProfessionalsRead more

Leadership Course - J&K Confectionery

"I found the course useful in so many ways, and it’s really changed the way I approach my work, it really was so inspirational to me. In fact, I’ve already recommended that one of my colleagues does the same course and he is now booked on for the new year!"
Jayne White - Projects & Development Manager - J&K ConfectioneryRead more

Puig - Personal Impact Course

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you. I really enjoyed the day and appreciated the relaxed environment, room set up, style and delivery. I am now much more aware of peoples perceptions of me."
Dominic Bain - Regional Manager - PuigRead more

Graham The Plumbers Merchant - Advanced Presentation Course

"In November I presented to approximately 150 colleagues and suppliers for an hour. The feedback was very positive and some even commented on my confidence, clarity and content being much better than the same event last year. The only thing I’ve done differently is attend your course!"
Jason Smith - Category Director - Graham Plumbers MerchantRead more

Cisco Systems - Advanced Presentation Course

"From the facility, logistics, small class size, and content to the superb trainers who were way more than trainers but true experts and mentors. All aspects were perfect. I gained tremendous insights and value as to how to improve my own presentations, delivery, presence and interactions with my audience."
Oren Seliger - IT Theater Leader - EMEAR South CiscoRead more

Abercrombie & Kent - Time Management Course

"I really enjoyed the course. Finally, I’m able to breakdown the bigger projects into smaller tasks and set deadlines for each one. I’m actually making headway and I don’t feel that have a huge project hanging over me."
Lucy Rossiter - Sales & Marketing Consultant - Abercrombie & KentRead more

Personal Impact Course - 2 Day - Phonepay Plus

"I’m feeling a lot more confident around the office since the training, and I am finding some tools useful. I like the feeling of taking control of moments without manipulating the situation."
David Levitt - Senior Policy Executive - Phonepay PlusRead more

Presentation Skills Course - Re:Sources

“I thoroughly enjoyed the training session, and have been using the techniques a lot! We were fortunate to have you both as excellent trainers. I am recommending the course to everyone I meet. Thanks so much for your positivity and sincerity”.
Marcia Castelo Branco - Human Resources Manager - Re:SourcesRead more

Line Management Course - Fuller's

"I have now a better understanding of the situations and a much better way to approach them. The course has proven beneficial as it is now making my daily list of things to do smaller, therefore my life easier".
Tom Mace - Warehouse & Transport Team Leader - Fuller Smith and Turner P.L.CRead more

APG - Time Management Course

"I went into the day with a clear idea of what I wanted to change without knowing how to do it, and left with a treasure chest of new ideas to manage my time easily and effectively.Thank you again!"
 Lexi Campbell - Membership & Events Manager - APGRead more

CARE International Uk - Line Management Course

“The course was very useful in preparing me for the recruitment process. The line management and communication tools were especially helpful in getting the relationship with my new assistant off to the best start."
Daniel Hickin - Management & Financial Support - CARE International Uk.Read more

Leadership Course - NHS BASSETLAW CCG

"The course has been a great help over the last few weeks and I have now seen a decline in interruptions throughout the day. I came back from London really motivated. I just now need to learn how to deal with stressed out GP's!"
Emma James - Deputy Practice Manager - Riverside Health CentreRead more

University of London - Negotiation Skills Course

"The tailored approach is very clever and maximises learning for every delegate. It is also a lot of fun. I feel more confident in negotiations and am using the skills I learned."
Simon McLean - Senior Services Project Manager - University of LondonRead more

Royal Bank of Scotland - Public Speaking Course

"I did three presentations in the week after the course and used a number of the tools from the day. In particular focusing on ‘the conversation’ and involving the audience allowing me to remove self-generated anxiety."
Irvine Magowan - Professional Capability Manager - Royal Bank of ScotlandRead more

NHS Confederation - Public Speaking

"More than six months on, I still consider and share examples with colleagues about what I learned from that day at Impact Factory. Before this workshop I would have been terrified to talk in front of just a few colleagues…I now speak confidently to large groups of people with ease."
Heidi Williams, Senior Programme Officer, NHS ConfederationRead more

Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council - Change Management Course

"I have attended (and delivered) many training events over the years and I have to say I enjoyed this one the most! You guys obviously know your stuff about change management and other topics. I came away feeling energised and enthused and having met some fantastic people!"
Amanda Cadden - Project Manager MIS - Basingstoke and Deane Borough CouncilRead more

Doctors Without Borders - Project Management Course

“I found the Project Management course to be really valuable. After the course, I managed to motivate a colleague to complete an overdue task within a short time frame, something which I have struggled with in the past."
Maryam Khan - Associate HR Professional - Médecins Sans FrontièresRead more

Communication Skills Course - Global Innovation Fund

"I found the course incredibly helpful for practicing new communication techniques.  It's all well and good to understand the theory of communication - but the hard bit is really in putting the theory into practice."
Isabella - Associate - Global Innovation FundRead more

BAE Systems - Line Management Course

"I would like to thank you for your help on the Line Management Course. I really enjoyed it and came away with a lot from it. Having a small class of people was great and you have a good attitude towards conducting your training."
Adrian Dyer -Test Team Lead Engineer - BAE Systems Applied IntelligenceRead more

Deb Group - Building Resilience Course

"It was a special day - Excellent trainers, friendly approach and the content was tailored to suit the needs of the delegates on the day which made it very meaningful. THE BEST training course I've EVER attended!"
Wendy Neighbour - R&D Operations Manager - Deb GroupRead more

Train the Trainer - Paprika Software

All I will say for now ‘Best Training Course’ ever and I have been on many. Really wonderful and awesome tips that I still keep in mind so hope to never be ‘boring’. Smile
Teresa Muldoon - Implementation and Training Consultant - Paprika SoftwareRead more

Elexon - Personal Impact Course

"I feel ready to tackle things such as saying no and pushing back where necessary, so definitely a big help! I was impressed that we managed to tackle the majority of what everyone wanted to despite the wide range of areas!"
Jaye Nozarick - Operations Analyst - ElexonRead more

Content Consultants - Assertiveness Training Course

" It was a fantastic day and very useful. I have been busy putting my training into practice. In fact a colleague commented that I was ‘very assertive (but in a good way)’ in a meeting with some senior managers last week! "
Joanne Lewsley - Editor - Content ConsultantsRead more

Audley Travel - Train the Trainer Course

"The course was fantastic. It helped provide direction and inspiration for our new starters programme. I think it would have been less successful if weren’t for the course so thank you for everything." 
Vikki Towell - Sales and Service Trainer - Audley TravelRead more

Leadership Course - The IFT

“If you haven’t had leadership training before and you need a starting place then this course is perfect. You come away feeling much more centred and confident in how you might go about putting tools into practice!”
Jitesh Mistry - Membership Management Executive - The IFTRead more

Project Management Course - NHS Providers

"I really enjoyed  the Project Management course yesterday, I came away with new ways of thinking and fresh ideas to take back to the office."
Asha - Network and membership coordinator - NHS ProvidersRead more

Presentation Skills Course - Football Radar

"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the presentation course that I did with Sarah and Dom. I thought the day was really well structured and I really learnt a lot and gained from the session. I have since gone on to recommend the Impact Factory to a number of colleagues and friends."
Ben McKenna - Data Quality Manager - Football RadarRead more

Prop Store - Media Skills Course

“We had a very enjoyable and productive day and were thoroughly impressed with both Maria and Naina. We've all taken on-board very positive advice and direction to improve our techniques and we're looking forward to applying them.”
Stephen Lane - C.E.O. - Prop StoreRead more

Train The Trainer Course - Audley Travel

"I really enjoyed the course. I found it interesting and engaging with ideas that I’m able to use straight away. The most useful thing so far (what sticks out the most) was the ‘Practice’ elements, both watching the other delegates and practicing myself. I’ve also caught myself thinking about the eye contact, remembering the goals and thinking about the flow & shape."
Alex Johnson - Sales and Service Trainer - Audley TravelRead more

Personal Impact Course - 2 Day - Lamas Management Consulting

"I recommend this course highly for anyone who wants to see immediate improvements in their personal impact, particularly people who are technically strong, but also need to build confidence and capability face to face."
David Sheal - Consulting Partner - Lamas Management ConsultingRead more

Marie Stopes International - Presentation Skills

"There were lots of interesting tips on our presentation skills day. It was an active day. I left exhausted and more confident to be myself". 
Stephanie Level - Donor Compliance Advisor - Marie Stopes InternationaRead more

Influencing and Negotiation Course - Grand Union Housing Group

"Great course. The trainers were amazingly knowledgeable and insightful and complement each other. I really enjoyed the dynamic of the lovely people I met".
Karen Nicholson - Group Communication Investment Manager - Grand Union HousingRead more

Communication Skills Course - 2 Day - Eversholt Rail Group

“The course was excellent. The structure and teaching methods really worked well. Unlike other courses, I feel that I've instantly learned some tools that improve my confidence in communication!”
Nicholas Faulkner - Engineer - Eversholt Rail GroupRead more

Chailey Heritage Foundation - Conflict Management Course

"I never imagined that a one day training course could be so engaging and beneficial. I now have a clear understanding of what Conflict Management means and have already begun to put the tools to effective use."
Susan Duke - Placement Manager - Chailey Heritage FoundationRead more

Project Management Course - NHS Providers

"The Project Management Course certainly gave me my positive attitude to make this project a success. Thanks to the training, I realised what the blind spots are and I was able to address them… and I will certainly use the materials you provided me in the next steps of my project and future projects".
Martha Kitta - Senior Learning & Development Consultant -Vlerick Business SchoolRead more

Storyterrace - Time Management Course

"Impact Factory's time management course was life changing for the better, I am extremely glad I invested just one day to learn and discover how to become significantly more efficient".
Robert Desmond - CFO - StoryTerrace Read more

Train the Trainer Course - Rowan Park School

"The course went really well. I found everything useful to be honest even watching other people from different fields practice their training gave me tips on my own training style and helped to build my confidence"
Sarah-Jane Whitehead - Teacher - Rowan Park SchoolRead more

Train the Trainer Course - Areva RMC

"This is genuinely has to be the best course I have ever been on. The trainers Kate and Sabah were absolutely excellent. I couldn't recommend this Company, course and trainers highly enough."
David McAuliffe - HR Advisor - Areva RMCRead more

Communication Skills Course - RMS Global

"I really enjoyed the course. The venue and surroundings are great so much better than a dingy ex-council building in Holborn like the norm. Maria and Paul did a fab job delivering useful and engaging content".
Gillian Hawkes - PR and Communications Manager - RSM InternationalRead more

Line Management Course - Greenwich Free School

“I really enjoyed the course and would absolutely recommend it to others. The course reassured me that getting to know my staff and building rapport with them is valuable, and it has helped me be in a better place to support them.”
Victoria Hemmings - PA to the Headteacher -  Greenwich Free SchoolRead more

Negotiation Skills Course - Hostelling International

"I have been able to practise many of the things we learnt on the day. Understanding the different approaches  people tend to take has allowed us to move some conversations forward."
Isabel Llewellyn - Head of Partnerships Hostelling InternationalRead more

Personal Impact Course 2 Day

"The Personal Impact course was incredibly well delivered with numerous practical exercises allowing the delegates the freedom to express themselves in a comfortable, trusting environment. I came away feeling motivated and with a true sense of empowerment which I’ve been able to apply within the workplace".

Stuart Fox - Claims Data & Account Manager - Munich Re UK Life Read more


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