Greenwich Free School - Line Management Course

Line Management Course

Line Management Course

Delegate - Victoria Hemmings, PA to the Headteacher

Company - Greenwich Free School

Victoria attended our Line Management Course

on 27 & 28 November 2017

Victoria said

“I really enjoyed the course and would absolutely recommend it to others.

What I learned from the course is how those initial conversations about setting and reminding expectations and can be friendly and positive, which is reassuring as I worried I was too soft and played to my ‘people pleasing’ side.

I can have courageous conversations with more confidence now and I have felt really good holding these conversations since the course.

I realised my challenges online management were more to do with my concern for other people’s issues, but the course reassured me that getting to know my staff and building rapport with them is valuable, and it has helped me be in a better place to support them.”

Line Management Course

The course was run by

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Line Management Course