Bindmans LLP - Line Management Course

Line Management Course

Delegate - John Halford - Solicitor / Partner 

Company - Bindmans LLP

John attended our Line Management Course on 2nd and 3rd June 2014

John said

"Thank you both for your post-course e-mails.  I really appreciated  the recommendations of those coaching books and have ordered both.

I also wanted to  take this opportunity to say a further enormous thank you for two very stimulating  and useful days.

I’m very fortunate in working in a firm that now wants to fully invested in its partners as managers,  including by encouraging people to go on courses like this one. I should say that,  following my  evangelising about the Impact Factory course  after returning to the office four  colleagues have expressed an interest in  doing it too.  I think that the head of HR here, Nicola O’Shea,  is in discussion with your colleagues at Impact Factory  set this up.  We also want to explore the possibility of someone to one  coaching being made available for one or two people  who did not get this kind of  support when they first became managers and have perhaps develop some  difficult habits and behaviours as a result.

I wanted to conclude by saying that you really do offer something special at Impact Factory,  partly through the  exceptionally interactive teaching approach,  partly through your own  thoughtfulness and experience as tutors.  I genuinely feel very lucky to have been able to do the course.  I also feel very committed, inspired in fact, to making use of it ."


Line Management Course

The course was run by

Line Management Course   Simon Westwood    line management course   Isabel Pollen


Line Management Course

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