Change Management Training

Any culture, business or Organisational Change eats up consultants and training budgets.

The language is frightening.

Process engineering, supply cycles, control planning models.

What's needed is some understanding of the theory, the effects on jobs and lifestyle and some simple coping strategies.

80% of Change Management programmes fail!

Most of these failures are attributable to mismanagement of the people being required to change!

Except for the change experts, everyone is scared of the negative effects of change on themselves.

change management trainingTailored Change Management Training

For all of us who have to deal with change and manage change for others.

Very few, if any, companies are immune from change these days.

Sometimes the change is organic and people hardly notice it happening.

More often, however, change is initiated because businesses have to respond to external pressures and constraints as well as internal ones.

Most companies are either preparing for change, in the middle of managing change or just simply having a hard time recovering from some previous change.

Wherever you are with managing change helping your people is essential.

Most change programmes fail because nobody looks at the emotional fallout and the effect on people's lives.

If you know there is a danger of productivity dipping because morale is about to plummet in the face of imposed change.

Then giving people support is the single best investment you could make to sustain and develop your changing business. 

Change is Good

Change is constant

Change is good for you

Too much change is bad for you

We need change to keep us stimulated and creative

Yet we need stability and routine to make us feel safe

A bit contradictory, no?

How much change we have or whether the change is good or bad for us is irrelevant; far more important is Change Management, how we deal with and cope with change.

Good Change Management needs key people within your organisation to develop the skill and insight that will make a difference to the way things happen around them.

In order to manage change in others, you need first to examine how you got to be who you are, define your communication resources and investigate your personal beliefs and values.

This Change Management Programme covers the effect of rules, assumptions, patterns, the roles people play and conflicting ways of thinking and perceiving.

It includes advanced interpersonal skills for greater insight into yourself and others.

Our Change Management Training deals head-on with the challenge of change.

You will create a personal leadership strategy that will motivate, persuade and inspire those around you.

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Change Management

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