Train the Trainer and Communication - IFAD

Train the Trainer and Communication - IFAD

Train the Trainer - IFAD

Impact Factory has a long-standing relationship and trust with the IFAD Communications Team.

This training was to help the facilitators to enhance their existing skills and offer up practical tools and techniques to help make training engaging.

Variety of topics such as; Media Skills, Better Communication and Setting up Press Conferences.

Trainers extremely varied in background and experience.

Due to the nature of their work, many delegates had to leave and come back at various times, but we are used to this and delegates came back happy to join in again and catch up.

Areas focussed on:

  • Keeping delegates engaged
  • Staying on the front foot
  • Not showing annoyance / staying gracious/ the “host”
  • Getting into small groups or pairs.

Looking at the variety of ways training can be delivered:

  • Games, written exercises, working in pairs or small groups, using post-its, using a flipchart, missing media.
  • Handling distracted people

Everybody rose to the challenge and delivered a piece of training working in one of the randomly picked challenges.

The relationship will continue, as there is a great understanding between Impact Factory and IFAD.

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