Team Building Event - DEFRA

Team Building Event - DEFRA

Team Building Event

DEFRA works for the essentials of life - food, air, land, water, people, animals and plants - so they're pretty important really!

We ran this event in 2003 for the Learning and Development team.

It was one of a number of things the team were doing to help with the implementation of a major HR change programme.

This was a big change for the team and there was some resistance within the team to the changes which included:

A role change for internal deliverers of training, and the outsourcing of delivery to external providers
Cutting staff numbers
Moving part of the teams' operations to York
A preference exercises for London people, where those remaining had to apply for a reduced number of new posts

As you can imagine team members had a lot of worries and concerns about the personal effects of these changes.

Rising to this challenge The Impact Factory created a dynamic two-day event designed to help reunite them as a team, and help them to look together at how they might best manage the changes together. 

The primary objectives of this event were about communication, conflict resolution, and reinforcing positive behaviour

We looked at what was working well for them and what it might take to make things better, and by creating an interactive and safe environment enabled them to identify and address some key issues for the team which were getting in the way of progress. 

Feedback for the event was very good. Many of the team members told us that it had been a very positive experience and that they found it extremely useful in identifying and resolving some team issues. 

It also helped managers and team members to develop skills and approaches to talk about and cope with change more effectively. 

Many of them said as a result of the event they were functioning better as a team.

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Team Building Event