Mytime Active Embeds Long-term Behavioural Change Across the Organisation with Interpersonal Skills Training

Mytime Active Embeds Long-term Behavioural Change Across the Organisation with Interpersonal Skills Training

The Client

Mytime Active is a social enterprise on a mission to improve wellbeing. They help everyone get more out of life by moving more, eating better, feeling positive and making new friends.

Founded in 2004, they operate in the Midlands, the South Coast, Bromley and London and they run leisure facilities, golf clubs and provide preventative health services for 25.000 members across these three regions. Their golf and leisure facilities are social hubs that make a positive impact not just on the people attending their programmes but also across the communities where they operate.

The Challenge

The majority of the 1300 employees at Mytime Active are in contact with a very diverse clientele. They have rewarding but also highly demanding roles to make sure that they cater, care and provide the best service to all their customers, helping them live healthier lifestyles while keeping them safe. With a very operational mindset, they need to be capable of making people feel at ease to encourage them to use the sports premises and keep them active, dynamic and participative.

The Health Services works in a very fast-paced environment as they need to deliver a world-class public health service to prove to their Commission Organisations that they are doing the right thing. With high satisfaction targets to meet, they need to show that they can manage pressure and success in equal measure.

The Solution

Susan Gayton, Workforce Development Lead, wanted to find the perfect trainer consultant to deliver their training programmes as their employees are very operational and they need short and snappy advice to get the message across to accelerate behavioural change.

Mytime Active started working with Impact Factory in 2016 with a programme to identify their core values to understand what the organisation stands for. These values were fully weaved into a bespoke Customer Service programme. Susan was especially impressed with the dynamic, interactive and experiential training delivery we provide that puts the emphasis on the person.

Our core philosophy of helping people make the smallest change for the biggest impact was perfect for the delegates who were able to take away personalised tools and use them straight away. These tools helped to make their daily jobs more enjoyable and efficient when facing clients.

To make sure that the learning was embedded across the organisation, Mytime Active and Impact Factory ran a debrief session to recap on the measurables: managers were fully aware of the importance of helping their teams to apply new behavioural changes and ensure that they had the tools needed to accomplish their behavioural shift. It was an end-to-end process with great results.

Later in 2016, another programme was delivered to support their Health Services and assist their Regional and Service Managers in Birmingham and London to improve their resilience with a tailored programme: Manage Pressure Effectively.

The workshop objectives were designed to help managers recognise times of pressure and to create personalised coping mechanisms. The team learned how to thrive under pressure and also to support each other across the Department, making them stronger and more resilient.

In 2019, Mytime Active came back for Managing Difficult Conversations programme to upskill General Managers, Centre Managers and Assistant Regional Managers to help them deal with people orientated problems.

The main objectives of this programme were to provide these managers with a deeper awareness of their strengths to increase their confidence and the risks of avoiding difficult conversations while broadening their communication skills.

The Result

The feedback from the attendees of all programmes has been fantastic, with more than 300 delegates attending almost 40 workshops across the country. The investment in training has been the biggest at Mytime Active and the satisfaction and learning experience of the delegates has been truly excellent.

People are asking for more training from Impact Factory to be delivered. Old members of the staff are talking about the programmes to new members of the organisation; talking about behavioural change embedment!

"Impact Factory is our training consultant of choice. Not just because of their unique practical and fully experiential way of delivering training which is the most effective I have ever experienced in my career, but because they dedicate time to listen to understand our requirements and our values and make them part of the programme. Every workshop is tailored to the people in the room on the day of the training. That's what makes them unique, a gem in the training industry". Susan Gayton – Workforce Development Lead – Mytime Active.
"Working with Mytime Active is always rewarding. We love the social aspect of the work they do and how committed they are to support and develop their people. They are also great fun and always keen to apply their new tools in their everyday lives." Tina Lamb – Senior Trainer – Impact Factory

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