Leadership and Empowering Others - NMWAG

Leadership and Empowering Others - NMWAG

Leadership and Empowering Others

The National Muslim Women's Advisory Group was officially launched in January 2008 by Hazel Blears Secretary of State for the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Impact Factory was approached to create and lead a programme on Leadership and Empowering Others for this group of inspirational and dynamic Muslim women.

Katherine Grice was thrilled to be on board for the delivery of this ground-breaking two-day programme.

Trumpets please...

The morning air of the first day in Manchester's Mal Maison was buzzing and charged as these highly successful women arrived and slowly mingled, coffees in hand

Though many of them had met only once before It wasn't long before personal stories began to pepper the day.

From one woman who determinedly set off with some pilgrims to Mecca despite being let down by their wobbly travel arrangements before they even boarded their flight.

Another (the only female member of a European Political Forum) who had to deal with the microphone being turned off on her every time she attempted to say something.

Personal impact became a big focus in the Leadership and Empowering Others work as a result, exploring how to up the gravitas and hold the floor in the most challenging of situations (back to the forum on that one then).

We explored lots of work around the fact that when speaking, "Less is more".

And there really must be a mention for the woman who, for us, epitomised soft power speaking with such clarity of speech and direction, with the gentlest of manners, naturally warm and sincere eye contact, and without a glimmer of ever being bullish talk about knowing how to play to your strengths!

The rich diversity of the group, the abundance of ideas in the room, and the authentic strengths of all the individuals of NMWAG really got us chatting and working with the core of what was tingling at our fingertips for an electric couple of days.

By the end of the second day, which was held in London, the group truly realised their own amazing strengths.

There was a real coming together of women from very different walks of Islam to see that they all had so much to offer each other on so many different levels extremely empowering, for both them and us.

The team bonded so well that by the end of day two most headed off for a group supper at one of the women's houses.

The others went off together dressed in fabulous summer pastels to the Chelsea Flower Show.

Positive leadership indeed!


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Leadership and Empowering Others