Influencing and Negotiation - Egton Education

Influencing and Negotiation - Egton Education

Influencing and Negotiation

Egton Education provides software solutions to schools and colleges.

The sales team responsible for maintaining Egton's drive into this area have been recruited from a variety of backgrounds, principally teaching but also sales and IT.

Impact Factory' created an Influencing and Negotiation workshop designed to provide the whole team with a set of fundamental techniques which could support each individual despite their disparate backgrounds.

The sales team has grown quickly and training was considered essential to maximise potential.

We introduced the style of the day and found out from the participants what they would like from the course.

They worked on flip charts to look at:

The ideal sales experience

What gets in the way

Difficult people

This process helped to clarify the needs of the individuals and common areas of concern.

The team rarely have the chance to spend time together, so the opportunity to share current experiences and needs helped to create a close team spirit and an appreciation that they were not alone in their concerns.

Best practice was shared and supplemented with numerous tools and exercises.

The recognition and development of buying signals formed the core of the day, providing an opportunity to "forum theatre" this key issue.

Every participant was involved in this interactive dissembling of the signals and clues clients give off.

Learning how to press clients' motivational buttons was high on the agenda.

The Egton team spent time looking at what motivated them which led to uncovering what the client most likely might want and reflecting that back to them. 

Delivering messages with passion and with clarity thus avoiding unnecessary waffle, turning up professionalism or approachability all added to the influencing toolbox.

This group of delegates was lively, enthusiastic, great fun to be with and Jeremy and Doug were happy to repair to a nearby bar with the team for a well-earned farewell drink.


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