Excellent Customer Service - The General Social Care Council

Excellent Customer Service - The General Social Care Council

Excellent Customer Service

The General Social Care Council 

In the Summer of 2008 the General Social Care Council held a Staff Day, the purpose of which was to re focus and remind the council of their objectives and to also drill down and explore an issue which is deemed critical to the delivery of those objectives. 

Excellent Customer Service was the theme chosen for the day, an area where it is recognised small improvements can effect a significant impact on internal and external customers alike.

We created a day which looked at the already fine contribution the GSCC was making and also sought to raise the bar of excellent customer service where ever it occurred. With 200 attendees, three Impact Factory trainers developed a range of activities designed the keep the levels of energy and engagement high.

Core to the day, at the request of the GSCC, was a sense of learning and development encapsulated in a spirit of team work and fun.

As a result of defining customer service and excellent customer service Impact Factory created the models to increase confidence levels amongst staff to help deliver an improved service to both external and internal customers. Implicit in the work of the GSCC is the ability to deliver difficult messages whilst maintaining a highly productive business relationship.

Handling important clients with care whilst retaining trust and professional plausibility, surfaced as an area deserving of serious consideration.

Keen to maintain the momentum created by our speaker, we changed the dynamic entirely with the introduction of Forum Theatre.

This is an ideal tool for dealing with difficult messages.

Two professional business actors delivered a scenario consistent with GSCC issues, delegates are then invited to suggest possible alternate endings or solutions which the actors then play out.

By the end of the process a mutually agreed solution will evolve witnessed and created by the entire conference.

A similar process was used to explore the wide variety of challenging customers GSCC staff regularly face. 

The attendees continued to interact and engage with a variety of tasks designed to team- build and create awareness of current successes and future achievements which will support the GSCC in their desire to develop and strengthen.

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