Confident Communication - The Village School

Confident Communication - The Village School

Having spent two brilliant days with The Village School’s Middle Leaders on Presenting with Confidence, Impact Factory’s Katherine Grice and Simon Westwood had another fabulous couple of days with the same team.

This time they were looking at Communication Skills in terms of their stepping up to leadership, managing conflict more effectively, giving feedback early on and quite a bit on influencing.

As we have said about this group before, they are ebullient, articulate, interested and interesting.

Most of all, they are passionate about what they do and care enormously about the integrity of the school and what it is trying to achieve.

This was highlighted in the way they tackled the course material: with total commitment.

Katherine and Simon covered a range of issues including how intent matches the impact people make, how to make early interventions in terms of giving feedback, finding common ground to move things forward, personality styles and how to be more direct and solution focused.

That is, they worked on all of that when these middle leaders weren’t having everyone in stitches with their quick thinking, hilarious take on things and general all-round jolliness.

Katherine said they practically needed a bullhorn to restore order every once in a while!

Even with all the jollity, however, the group not only remained focused, we know from subsequent feedback that they began putting their action plans into practice right away including personal and team goals.

It’s a real privilege for us to work with such a dedicated and enthusiastic group of people who are making a significant difference in young people’s lives.