Change Management Programme - London Fire Brigade

Change Management Programme - London Fire Brigade

Managing Change and Change in Others

Change Management Programme

London Fire Brigade (LFB) had been through a period of change and was continuing to experience change.

This had led to people leaving the organisation, being repositioned, reporting to new people and responsibilities reviewed.

The senior management team across the directorate; ICT, Finance, Procurement and Technical and Support Departments faced a need to resettle and gather focus, particularly on the individual roles as senior managers and being able to face change and being equipped to manage others facing change.

Kush Saini approached Impact Factory to design a day of practical interventions for 20 of the senior management team to deal with their own and others response to change within the organisation.

The course was squarely aimed to look at the effect the change can have at an individual level. In addition how to motivate and disseminate the opportunity for new horizons; the possibility to thrive and experience change as a necessary part of the business restructure.

Head of Procurement Strategy at the London Fire Brigade Kush Saini said of the day:

"This interactive and very practical day on change management was both fun and enjoyable and was particularly useful in team building. It enabled senior managers in four departments to discuss and share their experience on how they have embraced significant and continuous change within the organisation. More importantly, it also gave the opportunity to positively prepare for the further challenges ahead.

The facilitators were professional, enthusiastic and motivating. The rooms were spacious and allowed for individuals to work in small groups as well as a larger group for further discussion and review. Lunch was excellent offering a wide variety of dishes and a continuous flow of beverages were provided throughout the day.

Participants were positive at the end of the course and found both the environment and style of training supportive.

Next steps will be to reflect and build upon the success of the day."


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Managing Change and Change in Others