Building Business Relationships - Department for Transport

Building Business Relationships - Department for Transport

Building Business Relationships

The Department for Transport's key aim is that 'transport works for everyone, balancing the needs of the economy, the environment and society'.

Here at Impact Factory, we consider that a pretty important goal.

Impact Factory was delighted when he was asked to design a Building Business Relationships programme for the Business Delivery Unit.

They wanted some work to be done around the challenges and pressures of their various roles and the environment in which they work.

The day began with the setting up of a multimedia environment, adding some music and lots of soft footballs around the place and this turned what might have been a formal training space into something quite different.

Well, the environment is a big part of what happens in communication after all!

Anthony and Dannie knew straight off the bat that there was already some fantastic work being done at the Department for Transport and that the team already had a great momentum working together.

Impact Factorys aim was to help this well-integrated team maintain its current momentum, going from excellent to terrific.

The openness, willingness and supportiveness of the team, and in particular the positive, encouraging attitude of the team leader, Albert Kwake, definitely contributed heavily to the day's success and it certainly went from strength to strength.

A later part of the day was dedicated to Forum Theatre.

Forum Theatre

Two actors joined the Impact Factory trainers and played out some examples of the trickier situations the Department for Transport staff have to deal with.

This gave our delegates an opportunity to take an objective view of certain situations and offer up alternative responses which might create a more positive impact. 

By the time we reached this Forum Theatre section, everyone was keen to explore the possibilities around some of these more testing areas of business relationships.

As well as having lots of fun, the group came up with plenty of fantastic options around how to move certain situations forward and break the less than helpful patterns.

Furniture moved, people moved, ideas moved in fact, almost everything moved.

And the day ended on a real high, with delegates buzzing around the room full of ideas and chatter, looking forward to getting back into the office to try some stuff out.

Now that is, most certainly, the ticket.

No pun intended. 

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Building Business Relationships