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Rising to the Challenge

We were delighted when Impact Factory were asked to create 'Rising to the Challenge' an on-going Leadership Skills Programme for potential high flyers.

We hear organisations and companies say they have a leadership void.

Or others who feel that if they only had stronger leadership everything would be all right.

They obviously expect leaders to have vision and to be able to bring other people along with them - to enrol them in their strategies and plans for the future. There is one essential quality for anyone in any position of leadership: from running a company to running a church fete to running your home.

That quality is the ability to see what is going on. Yes, there are other qualities that are valuable: good communication, being articulate, the ability to think on your feet, humour, flexibility, integrity, compelling presence, empathy.

But if you cannot see what is going on, all those qualities are for nought. Seeing is clarity. Seeing is having a clear understanding of what has made you the way you are; what has shaped and influenced your life.

The clearer you are about what motivates and affects your behaviour, the clearer you will be able to see what is going on with other people. In turn, once you are able to see what is going on for others, then all the other essential leadership skills can come to the fore. Outstanding leadership requires much more than people being really good at their jobs: it requires innovative thinking; it requires people making positive and inspiring impacts; and it requires them to be able to motivate others.

What is needed is an ability to think and act 'out of the box'; out of the accepted or 'right' ways of doing things. Leaders need to be able to identify what the needs in the future will be and create a new leadership model, rather than just following the current leadership example.

The culture of tomorrow will be one where change and innovation are the order of the day. Great leaders don't, nor should they, fit a mould.

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