Advanced Communication with Clients - Partnerships UK

Advanced Communication with Clients - Partnerships UK

Advanced Communication with Clients

Impact Factory was excited at the opportunity to deliver a series of programmes for Partnerships UK, an organisation made up of senior individuals with strong personalities and an extraordinary breadth of experience.

PUK is a public-private partnership which has a unique public sector mission: to support and accelerate the delivery of infrastructure renewal, high-quality public services and the efficient use of public assets through better and stronger partnerships between the public and private sectors.

Complex Mission

We were asked to create a programme to support the staff in communicating their complex mission and strategies to their clients.

The consistency of the message was crucial and needed to encompass a clear overall view of the company rather than any one individual's perspective of it.

We designed the course to build individual awareness and enhance the communication skills of the delegates.

This involved exploring not only the different language they may use according to client needs but also the overall impact they may have as ambassadors for PUK.

Rather than applying the golden rule of:

"Treat others as you would like to be treated"

We wanted to examine what it really meant to:

"Treat others as they need to be treated"

Values and Messages

The days started with a good look at the values of the delegates and the key messages of the organisation.

We asked people to find a correlation between the two.

In this way, the messages start to become more real for the individual and they are able to refer to them in an authentic way as they are imbued with real meaning.

We likened it to an actor knowing not just what they are saying but why they are saying their lines the elusive "motivation" we often hear about.

Once the messages had become more real for people, the day was spent using video and playback to explore the "how" of communicating them.

Looking at What Works

Each delegate was filmed and had a chance to look at what works for them when they interact and communicate with other people.

In this way, it becomes possible to build on the strengths of the individual delegates and they can learn and steal ideas from each other.

The series of programmes culminated in a two-hour module for all 70 senior staff as part of a day-long conference.

Participants played out client-facing scenarios in small groups and fed back their findings to the plenary.

We also facilitated a theatre forum process where we used actors to play out scenarios depicting the "crash and burn" way of interacting with clients.

Delegates were asked how to fix the situation and the actors improvised accordingly which involved a lot of surprises and a lot of laughter but was highly effective!

Advanced Communication with Clients

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Advanced Communication with Clients