Other Peoples Shoes - The Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Other Peoples Shoes - The Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Customer Service Excellence

Other Peoples Shoes

Certainly, the Royal Marsden Trust leads the way and strives for excellence.

Ranked as one of the top NHS trusts in the country, the Trust pioneers and innovates in all areas of cancer treatment.

This excellence is reflected in the tremendous pride and dedication of the staff from Board level throughout the hospital.

This level of care became very apparent when Impact Factory was asked to work with the executive team and then the board.

Originally we created a programme for the executive team for a morning to open their two-day conference.

The conference was a chance for them to find out more about each other and their patterns of working, and to look at the challenges they face individually within their roles.

The morning was light-hearted but underpinned with serious content.

It was important to hit the right note to break the ice and get the conference off to a good start and, with this in mind, we found fun ways of encouraging reflection and debate.

The questions asked and the ensuing discussions were highly productive.

It was important to us to concentrate on revealing and acknowledging the qualities and strengths each of these senior executives bring to their roles within the executive team and the Trust as a whole.

Decision Making

We were pleased to return to work with the board where the subject matter was their decision-making process.

We were interested in how patterns had formed and where it may be useful to interrupt these ways of operating.

This time we took a real issue and unpicked it to look at what worked and how it might have been approached differently.

Of course, we retained our fun factor but were focussed on serious issues.

We looked at how individuals make decisions in their differing roles and what is at stake.

We considered when it might be appropriate to 'boldly go' forward and when it might be necessary to be risk-averse.

As always Impact Factory has an eye on personal as well as professional development and the work always reflects our individual take on life.

An interesting question proved to be:

"Who makes what decisions in your household?"

Above all, throughout the discovery, there was a lot of laughter in the room!


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