Customer Service Training - PCT Primary Care Trust

Customer Service Training - PCT Primary Care Trust

Customer Service Training

The General Practice Patient Survey (GPPS) is part of the Government's commitment to making the NHS more responsive to patients' needs. The survey asks patients about a range of issues, such as how easy or difficult it is for patients to make an appointment at their surgery, satisfaction with opening hours, and the quality of care received from their GP and practice nurses.

The results of the survey will be used to allow Primary Care Trust's (PCT's) to reward practices that are delivering a high standard of access to their patients. This information is also available to help other patients choose which practice to register with.

Impact Factory has created a Primary Care Trust PCT Customer Service Training programme which supports all levels of staff to achieve excellent and consistent levels of excellent patient care. Overall, many PCT's have achieved very good ratings. However, there are areas that need addressing, many of which will be covered in this training programme

This course is designed to support all practices in their desire to achieve the highest possible standard of patient care. This intensive session, delivered over half a day, will draw on the engaging and impactful medium of Forum Theatre to create understanding and awareness of where the issues lie and how they can be resolved.

The sessions, designed to have maximum impact with larger groups, will be used to finesse the good work which has already been recognised in the GPPS, and offers a range of tools designed specifically for the Primary Care Trust PCT environment.

Key areas addressed by the programme include why Customer Care is important and what impact it has on the "patient journey". A clearer understanding of the positive impact excellent customer care can have leads us into how we can gain confidence in handling patients appropriately and with care and concern.

Delivering difficult or sensitive messages, in person or over the phone, empathetic listening, creating the right first impression and defusing conflict in a professional manner are also explored in the PCT programme.

Each half-day course will comprise a mixed group of up to twenty people in patient-facing roles, including receptionists, practice nurses and GPs.

PCT Primary Care Trusts Customer Service Training

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