Performance Management and Appraisals - Whitehead Mann

Performance Management and Appraisals

Our days with The Whitehead Mann group were fun and feisty with some extraordinary Oscar winning performances to be seen in some of the exercises.

The company has recently introduced a new system of performance management including 360 degree feedback.

Impact Factory was asked to provide a series of one day Performance Management and Appraisals courses to support the process and to ensure best practice.

The delegates included senior management and consultants.

This was a lively series of courses with each one bringing its own set of challenges.

This is a company made up of confident, charismatic leaders - people with highly developed communication skills and exacting standards.

There were no shrinking violets here.

At Impact Factory we are used to expecting the unexpected and this was no exception.

Our days were fun and feisty with some extraordinary Oscar winning performances to be seen in some of the exercises.

In deconstructing and troubleshooting what makes good performance management we came up with a raft of issues and potential pitfalls that needed addressing, both generic and particular to Whitehead Mann.

Of course, most of the communications solutions lay in what the delegates already do extremely effectively in the way they deal with external clients.

A lot of our work was in deconstructing these processes and exploring how it would be possible to consciously utilise those skills with internal teams.

In this way the experience of the senior personnel was invaluable and their skills will cascade down throughout the company to support the cultural change.

In a business where time is such a precious commodity and people have to work under pressure, it is easy to forget that performance management needs to be an integral part of the company culture and should be actively implemented as a natural part of day to day working life.

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