Presentation and Pitching - UBS Triton

Presentation and Pitching - UBS Triton

Presentation and Pitching

Alex O'Connell decided to call in the experts to present dynamic Presentation and Pitching Training to UBS Triton team.

And that's where we came in!

You can have a great team, with experience and knowledge in depth, but if your Presentation and Pitching Skills are not doing justice to the talent involved, it's time to call in the experts.

Alex O'Connell at property investment fund UBS Triton had put together an impressive team of some of the very best property agents and developers to refurbish and let a 70M office block in the heart of the City of London.

The team's first presentation to potential tenants hadn't gone as well as hoped and everyone agreed that something extra was needed to help them raise their game and make the powerful impact they knew they could.

So we spent a day working on Presentation and Pitching Skills with the team, exploring new approaches to presenting and identifying small changes that would have a dramatic effect on the audience's experience.

Central to this was to feature on the one thing everyone was in agreement about: their passion and commitment to the building and their desire to use their passion to connect more effectively with their audience.

This was why it was so enjoyable working with the UBS team: their commitment and enthusiasm for their work was infectious and easy to work with to help them put that needed edge on their pitching and presentations.

The result was a hugely successful day as people experimented with their own style.

The team's next three pitches all led to them being short-listed, with Alex reporting a good team-building effect as well.

Now that's what we call a result!


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