Train the Trainer Programme - Paprika

Train the Trainer Programme - Paprika

Train the Trainer Training

Paprika Software sell and then they train the users on software they have installed.

They came to Impact Factory looking for the sort of training that would not only help build business relationships but also help them upskill their clients.

The Paprika Training Team

The team consisted of 9 facilitators of varying degrees of experience all of whom had been tasked with meeting this challenge.

Could we help them?

Well of course we could.

Train the Trainer is What We Do Best

The training that Paprika delivers happens in stages, the trickiest stage being that of the Account Handlers.

This is where a good relationship can ensure future business.

Then there are the challenges in terms of the geography and logistics of the training.

As this is IT training there are mixed levels of engagement from clients using the software.

This can be due to work pressures, seniority, willingness and motivation to engage; any number of things that go to make up a disparate group.

Train the Trainer Programme

Over the two days, keys areas looked at:

  • Understanding how much you are able to change within the Paprika boundaries
  • Looking at the geography of the training
  • Looking for ways not to use PowerPoint
  • Techniques to handle “difficult” people
  • Looking at how to make training interactive


A double benefit of this training was the time and support the 9 facilitators were able to give each other.

This was something that was of such benefit to the team that they are looking to continue meeting after the training has finished.

A final key outcome of the programme was a list of recommendations which have been sent to key people within Paprika.

The feedback?

Very positive.

Train the Trainer Programme

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