Team Leadership Development Programme - Liberty

Team Leadership Development Programme - Liberty


Team Leadership Development Programme

Liberty, as an organisation, has undergone a considerable amount of change, particularly within their internal structure.

On the surface, Liberty is still the stunning emporium with impeccable standards it has always been (of course you can still purchase the most stunning Phillip Tracey hat!), but the unseen mechanics behind the business have changed.

Impact Factory's Tina Lamb was approached to put together an engaging Leadership Programme that would be useful, practical and challenging to both long term, and new Heads of Department and Managers.

The choice of delegates for the first course reflected this beautifully, with one individual having 10 years experience and another one three weeks in their new role.

We found the group to be dynamic and receptive to our style of training.

They supported the view that it is possible to concentrate and work hard within a day's training but still have fun.

One of the questions posed was: How do you keep yourself and others motivated through times of change?

In response to this we explored individual motivations and then practised how to empower and motivate others.

At the end of our two day training Leadership training, we felt that the programme had encouraged cohesion and shared best practice across different departments within the business.

The delegates left with a better understanding of their Leadership style and an assortment of practical tools to enhance their existing skill set.

There is no other place like Liberty and its managers will continue to lead this unique department store through its changes.

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