Team Building and Customer Service Event - Attenda

Team Building and Customer Service Event - Attenda


Team Building and Customer Service Event

Attenda was established in 1997 and is Europe's leading specialist in operating Internet and enterprise applications.

The organisation asked Impact Factory to create a series of three team builds each for approximately 40 delegates. The teams consist of technical support, very technical support and finally all the company's internal support services including finance HR sales etc.

Our recommendation was to mix the teams together during the workshops so whatever internal assumptions were being made, we could air, put to bed. or change the sheets.

Since one of the core people-skills required by the organisation is the ability to deliver excellent customer service we included a refresher element of those skills.

The delegates' experience began with the environment in which the event took place.

Since Impact Factory believes that the surroundings in which our work happens create the first impression, the use of lighting, music and the odd few dozen sponge balls scattered about the place, tends to let people know they're not in for a sit-down and take notes training session.

Stop-Start Theatre

After a brief context-setting introduction and a few innovative icebreakers, the day continued with a scene or two from our Stop Start theatre players.

Our actors bring a unique and different energy to a 'training' day. The delegates got stuck in from the off and in no time, interaction became the norm for the day.

The scenarios were inter-cut with interactive communication work.

This pretty much meant that the delegates worked in either pairs, small or large groups on dynamics awareness exercises.

Or to put it another way, they practised complaining, defusing arguments, saying no, delivering difficult messages, finding agreement in contentious situations, creating empathy, using listening behaviour, raising and lowering their status and so on.

Aside from this being a lot of fun it also set them up to feedback their thoughts and suggestions into the actor's scenarios.

The day ended with a session hosted by our drum facilitators who work across the globe, delivering a communication message using rhythm to underpin their unique take on connections between people.

Drumming in a group highlights the more subtle and subconscious skills required to ensure the delegates work as a team to create fantastic rhythmic patterns.

We believe you can read about communication skills and practice them by playing 'air guitar' in your bedroom, or you can work with Impact Factory and play Wembley... we'd rather play the arena gig, how about you?

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