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Stop-Start Theatre

I'm looking for something different for the group's annual directors and senior management meeting, what can you do for us?

Well quite a lot really.

John Monaghan Group

Chris Gorse, MD of Dale hardware, one of group's companies called us after looking at our website.

In the past they'd had speakers in delivering talks on management issues, but now they wanted something interactive, but not too... "Intimidating".

Right you are then. A Stop-Start Theatre Event. A bit of fun, a bit of enlightenment and not too scary... "We can do that"... and we did!

Impact Factory's Stop-Start Theatre team, met with the JMG's CEO, Marilyn Monaghan and Chris Gorse to discuss the possible content of some scenarios.

We decided to look at assertiveness, the art of saying no and several other issues pertaining to everyday communication issues, both internal and external, professional and personal.

We arrived at Hazelwood Castle Hotel near Tadcaster, Yorkshire at midday for a 1pm start.

Having left the A64 and directly turning into the Hotel's wooded drive it took around 10 minutes to eventually arrive at the establishment's ornate electronic gates which solemnly opened, allowing us to park and walk the final 300 yards to the hotel's entrance.

This was no run of the mill venue.

Starting the Stop-Start Theatre Event with a little dramatic licence, we played out a scene highlighting three definite character styles leading our three actors into conflict. The delegates knew immediately they were in for something different.

Having demonstrated how communication styles can clash, we began talking about communication dynamics and throwing in some pairs and small group work which turned out to be not too "intimidating" and in fact quite a bit of fun, delegates' words, not ours.

We 'crashed and burned' the Stop-Start Theatre scenarios and re-built them with suggestions from the delegates based on their own experience and one or two of the techniques we'd been demonstrating.

So, interactive brief fulfilled, we continued throughout the Forum Theatre session building characters from warehousemen to spiky managers lifted directly from Eastenders and every other heightened soap... sorry, drama situation we could think of.

So, there's the entertainment element.

The emphasis is definitely enlightenment through entertainment.

Even the chalk and talk element is kept at a pace so as not to turn it into a 'training room', more an interactive studio theatre with a constant cycle of communication between the delegates and the actors.

Even accepting that you can't please all of the people all of the time, on the day when the Stop-Start Theatre Event was over, we shook a lot of hands on the way out.


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