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Forum Theatre

Or Stop Start Theatre

Deloitte have a very clear ambition to become the pre-eminent professional advisory firm.

They place great importance in the development of their people at all levels: personal leadership, technical capability, team-based skills and industry expertise.

This year, at their Annual Partner Conference at the Dorchester, 120 senior people signed up to Impact Factory's 'Personal Impact' session.

Many may have thought they were coming along to a 90-minute one-man show... they were wrong.

Instead, they were introduced to our special model of Stop-Start Theatre.

Stop-Start Theatre

This is a highly energised and interactive form of theatre.

People aren't 'sitting and watching' but getting involved in solution finding and trying out new ways of doing things.

We began with our shortened version of TV's 'Dragons Den' highlighting three different presentation impacts to our 'investor audience'.

We moved to a flip chart exercise and asked delegates to think about effective behaviours of good communicators, then progressed to a live and physical demonstration of the dynamics of communication.

We showed and played with the fallout of 'elevator body language', visible listening, assumptions and finally our model for a 30-second pitch ensuring a punchy and impactful finish to the session where we and they were engaged, had fun and they took away a couple of practical tools that could be implemented the very same day.

Deloitte do very serious work, but sometimes the most effective way to get a serious message across is to make it enjoyable, entertaining and relevant which is just what we did.

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