Line Management - SSAT

Line Management - SSAT

Line Management Training

SSAT are the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust.

What they wanted to do was improve their own levels of achievement!

When SSAT approached us a few years ago they wanted a Line Management Programme for their staff that was interactive, experiential and fun! It also had to be good value for money as they take accountability very seriously at the Trust.

The staff are a mix of office based and remote workers. Many of the latter are ex-teachers or head teachers, which makes for an interesting dynamic they're used to being up front and being the experts, so what can we teach them?

Some useful stuff as it happens.

So we trotted along to the Trust to run a short taster on what we could offer and our unique take on Line Management.

They loved it and we have been running the programme ever since, gradually rolling it out across the organisation to existing, new and prospective line managers.

It's a two-day programme that covers many aspects of line management from motivation and coaching to delegation and appraisal.

We've tweaked the programme as we've gone along to make sure it is up-to-date and meets the needs as we've grown to know more about SSAT and how it works.

We went along to their recent Learning & Development Day to promote the programme to staff and met up with some past delegates who are using their learning on a day to day basis.


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