Negotiation Skills - RM Auctions

Negotiation Skills - RM Auctions

Negotiation Skills

RM Auctions wanted to finesse their Negotiation Skills for their acquisition, restoration and sale of the world's finest and valuable automobiles.

Impact Factory was thrilled to enter the glamorous world of classic cars when RM Auctions asked us to tailor a course on negotiation skills for the small UK team as they operate in this exciting and exclusive arena.

The North American-based company has been in the collector car industry for 30 years and its associated companies are responsible for the acquisition, restoration and sale of many of the world's rarest and most valuable vintage automobiles.

Our idea needed a good deal of planning and liaising with the RM office in order for it to work effectively.

We wanted to create very specific and individual scenarios for each participant in order to challenge them in the most effective way.

RM organised a couple of rooms at the Grosvenor Hotel in Park Lane and we split the course into two halves.

The first day was spent looking at the strengths of the individuals in the UK team and how they can support each other in their negotiations and their communication as a whole.

Then, it was time to think about the exclusive brand and values of RM Auctions and how this can be represented to clients.

We moved on to address some of the nuts and bolts of negotiation preparation and techniques.

This is a highly interactive process and instigated some dynamic discussion as well as a lot of new ways of looking at dealing with customers.

Day Two was all about putting the theory into practice as we set up the camera to film the previously planned scenarios.

Each delegate was given a short brief and then taken into the adjoining room to face the "client" who was played (with astonishing facility!) by the MD.

While the negotiations continued the other delegates watched the whole process on a screen in the adjoining room. In this way, everyone could feedback constructively and learn from each others' experiences.

After each scenario, the negotiation was discussed and individual moments were replayed accordingly.

In this way, participants were able to see for themselves what worked well for them and areas that might need a different approach.

We were able to suggest alternative choices of behaviour which could be practised on the spot.

The days were fast-paced, challenging, creative, and lively. It was a great end to the year before the Christmas break.


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