Creativity and Innovation - Reckitt Benckiser

Creativity and Innovation - Reckitt Benckiser

Creativity and Innovation

Reckitt Benckiser

Following last year's exciting and successful Three Day Creativity and Innovation Programme, Reckitt Benckiser innovation team came back for more!

Another Three Days of Creativity and Innovation

If there's one company that understands progression, evolution and innovation it's Reckitt Benckiser.

With global sales of over 5 billion in household, health and personal care, operations in over 60 countries and sales in over 180 Reckitt Benckiser understands the benefit of innovation.

And that's why after the results of an initial exciting and successful, 'Three Day Creativity Programme' last year with Impact Factory, Reckitt Benckiser's Innovation team came back for more.

The dynamic impact of that three day programme on the individuals involved was so powerful that it became clear this training wasnt just for the benefit of a small number of individuals.

Creativity within Reckitt Benckiser should spread company wide.

And that's just what Impact Factory would help them achieve.

The question was:

"How can we give even more of our people an opportunity to create and innovate within the company?"

The solution came in the form of ten skilled and enthusiastic individuals from across all three sections of the company who were selected to undertake our tailor made 3 Day Creativity and Innovation programme.

Not only would these 10 'Innovation Champions' leave the course with a new and exciting awareness of creativity, they would also have learnt the skills required to allow them to move forward and facilitate Creativity Workshops for everyone within the company.

We, began to take them through a stimulating and fun packed programme of the Five Windows of Innovation and Creativity where the group's eyes were opened to what they consider creativity to be, how they themselves are creative and how the 21.900 other members of Reckitt Benckiser can all be creative in their own right.

With tools to unlock new, original and unexpected ideas in everyone, the team soon realised the challenge and potential of the task ahead.

It is expected that after their training and through their energy, commitment and contagious behaviour, the culture of creativity at Reckitt will continue evolving.

The team would help to take the organisation to new levels of innovation, with an inclusive creativity initiative that involves as many of Reckitt Benckiser's people as possible, contributing to the creativity of the company.

In the final hour, on the third and final day the teams were still full of energy - surprising themselves with ever more ideas on how to help their people to innovate Reckitt Benckiser products.

The level and originality of ideas seemed to have no end.

Were not going to give too much more of what went on behind closed doors....but don't be surprised if youre soon taking Nurofen in ways you'd never expected.

That's all we're saying!


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