Presentation Skills Training - Cegedim

Presentation Skills Training - Cegedim

Presentation Skills Training

Cegedim is a global technology and services company specialising in the healthcare field.

As the leading global provider of CRM services, the company operates in over eighty countries worldwide with a workforce of more than eight thousand people.

So they are already, unsurprisingly, world-class presenters, successfully pitching their products to many and varied clients around the world.

Impact Factory was asked by Cegedim to create a Bespoke Masterclass Programme to take place in Cannes in February 2012 which would build on the existing presentation skills of a team of thirty Cegedim delegates and increase their confidence and versatility in the pitch.

Working with Michael Komorniczak at Cegedim, Nick developed a two-day programme to cover key areas of Presentation Skills spanning preparation (understanding both your and your clients' needs and identifying a clear objective), PowerPoint (and avoiding 'death thereby'!) and the actual presentation itself:

how to inspire one's client

how to present and develop confidence

how to energise and engage both audience and fellow presenters alike

and how to stay in control of the pitch by calming and managing nerves

Impact Factory's Nick Clark travelled to Cannes to hold the Presentation Skills Masterclass and, during the course of the two days, it became clear that this last topic resonated strongly with the delegates in the room: specifically, what happens in a pitch when technology goes wrong?

There's no use pretending: it sometimes does. In fact, let's be honest: sometimes it feels as if it's technologies' job to go wrong, often in a baffling way it's never done before, and just when it matters most.

We looked at a number of options for managing such occasions: how to prepare for it, how the team could manage it in the moment, and also how they could acknowledge it during an actual presentation in a way that still inspired trust and confidence.

The work was highly interactive, with everyone on their feet from the off.

By the end of the two days each delegate had presented both individually and in groups, with some huge successes as people experimented with their own styles and how those individual styles mesh, support and complement each other in a team presentation.

Fittingly for the location, a number of the final group presentations had a suitably tongue-in-cheek film theme and summed up why working with the Cegedim team was such a joy: they were passionate, ready to experiment, and worked with an open sense of humour and were always generous with their support for the team.

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