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Presentation Skills 

Her legacy cascades down to the people who work for this prestigious company.

This is a legacy Impact Factory were happy to embrace as they embarked on a course to hone the Presentation Skills of five ladies from the sales team.

The setting was a luxury hotel in Hertfordshire. Rather than a conference room we found ourselves in a large hotel bedroom which, if a little unusual, seemed a fitting context to explore the mysterious feminine world of fashion and fragrance.

We were charmed by the enthusiasm and creativity of the team and their willingness to explore new ways of presenting their material whilst remaining well within the spirit of the company ethos.

Chanel's Artistic Director, Karl Lagerfeld talks of designing:

"You can use elements it's like notes in music and make another kind of music with it"

This is music to our ears!

When working on presentation skills we always look for what the individual can bring to the material from their own personal style and how they can adapt the particular elements to fit the specific needs and requirements of their audience.

What we weren't prepared for was for one of our ladies to actually sing a short presentation at the close of the day!

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