Presentation Skills - Burger King

Presentation Skills - Burger King

Presentation Skills Training

Impact Factory was happy to deliver a one day Presentation Skills workshop for Burger King and what a successful day it was!

Here at Impact Factory we were over the moon to be asked to deliver a one day workshop for Burger King.

The day was designed to give the presenting team some practise with larger audiences, specifically in preparation for the next quarterly franchisee meeting.

These ongoing meetings will be fundamental in terms of influencing the positive development of relationships within Burger King.

It also hopes to further open the lines of communication between franchisees and BK.

It promised to be exciting work and we were eager that we could deliver the training in the venue planned for the up-and-coming September meeting

Little did we know just how conducive the amazing venue was going to be for this work.

When the Impact Factory trainers arrived at the venue of Sheepdrove Organic Farm and Conference Centre in Berkshire, there was a combined and fairly loud "Ooh!" at the impressive location choice.

The room was charming, wooden and spacious, furnished with a combination of sheepskin bean bags along with more conventional chairs, and a great choice of technical support.

Of course, the addition of some freshly made cookies and scones to have with our morning coffee kicked off the day just perfectly...

Our delegates began with a look at what the dynamics in the space were and how to best influence them to the advantage of their presentations.

They explored how the acoustics in the room worked and how the technology in the room could best support them during their time 'in the spotlight'.

It was inspiring to us that the Burger King team already had a very generous and supportive attitude towards one another and a good level of self awareness.

This enabled them to really explore what they had in their personal and team armoury, sharing and adapting best practise to what best suited who in the room.

The day was a full and productive one.

All involved worked full steam ahead and everyone had great fun unpicking the dynamics of how to best work with your material and audience.

The team were able to identify some of the huge strengths they already have to play to and they were also able to develop a few new strategies to maximise their overall impact at the up and coming events.

"Bold, empowered, accountable and fun"

reads the Burger King website.

We couldn't have described it better ourselves!

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