Presentation, Negotiation, Communication and Storytelling - DigitasLBi

Presentation, Negotiation, Communication and Storytelling - DigitasLBi

Presentation, Negotiation, Communication and Storytelling

DigitasLBi is a global marketing and technology agency.

Their expertise lies in transforming businesses for the digital age.

Impact Factory has been working with this exciting organisation for a number of years and has relished the opportunities to offer development training to many of their high fliers.

Three Day School

DigitasLBi runs a three-day ‘school’ which their senior European executives are invited to attend and included in the school is a day’s skills training.

These executives are experts in their field, brilliantly creative and hugely supportive of each other.

People are genuinely at the heart of DigitasLBi: their teams are well taken care of, encouraged and in turn, they create the intensive yet imaginative and unique culture that exists within the company.

Learning New Skills

Not only that, they all work very hard, and these days are a chance to take time out to learn new skills and to connect with other managers across the business.

Impact Factory is a good match for DigitasLBi: they love that we are interactive, are up to date, use relevant, current examples and are loads of fun.

We love their can-do attitude, their level of motivation and commitment and in turn, they’re loads of fun as well!

What’s also great is that during these schools there are a lot of DigitasLBi executives involved so we bring up to eight trainers to each event, with teams of two trainers working with up to eight delegates each.

Five Different Events

Our own Katherine Grice has pulled together training teams for five different events covering Presentation Skills, Advanced Presentation, Negotiation and Storytelling.

There’s a special type of energy that’s created when so many people and trainers get together that builds its own momentum and these days are filled with enthusiasm, hilarity and really useful learning.

We are delighted that Carter Jackson, Chief of Staff, gave this feedback:

Working with the Impact Factory is an absolute pleasure. DigitasLBi requires bespoke experiences within pretty tight perimeters. Katherine and the team are geniuses at coming up with fun, innovative ways to make that happen. And the feedback we get from our people is always 5-star! They have a relaxed, can-do attitude that makes the whole process a joy.”

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Presentation, Negotiation, Communication and Storytelling