Presentation and Meetings Skills Training - Capita Connexions Card

Presentation and Meetings Skills Training - Capita Connexions Card

Presentation and Meeting Skills

We helped the Capita Connexions Card Management Team develop their Presentation and Meeting skills to sell and implement the card into school life.

Getting your message across isn't just about getting through a speech or a meeting as painlessly as possible. It's being aware of your audience and using the style that works best for you to get the most effective and impactful results.

Capita Connexions card asked us to look at their Presentation Skills and Meeting Skills when dealing with a challenging audience... school children and their teachers!

They had identified school assemblies for Presentation Skills and implementation meetings for Meeting Skills as the two key places where a big difference could be made.

They knew that the decision-makers and card users don't always have the same requirements so they needed to be able to talk to two different and challenging audiences.

They also wanted something to quickly boost morale as the Connexions Card team moved forward.

We took all 24 young, hard-working and overstretched Managers out to a venue in the country for the day.

In 4 groups, they spent the morning working out new strategies for meetings with teachers and looking at the factors that might affect their success. The afternoon sessions focused on the presentation skills involved in at school assemblies.

The Connexions team were able to get 2 really quick 'wins' out of the day: improved presentation skills to ensure enthusiasm and willingness from students during assemblies, and better meeting skills to get buy-in and support from teachers.

What they also took away was a sense of being valued and invested in, and they became a group with a shared experience who feel much closer together.

These are people who are now able to raise their game where and when it matters.

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