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PowerPoint Presentation Skills - AGI Solutions

PowerPoint Presentation Skills 

AGI Media is one of the world's leading providers of media packaging and services.

And very good they are at it too!

Our approach to improving AGI Media's professionals on their PowerPoint presentations was to focus on ways to move beyond standard bullet points.

You won't have been able to miss their work: media, entertainment, food, beverages, personal care you name it, they've done it.

AGI Media creates some of the most attractive and compelling brand solutions across the globe.

As a creative leading edge company, AGI had already invested in some fantastic multimedia presentations - their latest, most innovative package sealers are one example.

When Impact Factory worked with AGI Media, they were at a key point in their development history.

As experienced presenters, they were seeking to promote a consistency across their in-house style.

Along the way, some fresh ideas and inspiration, from one another and from us, was on the cards too.

Calling on the expertise of our experienced facilitators and creators of our Building Compelling PowerPoint Presentation Skills Programme, we worked with AGI's most experienced and senior executives to ensure that their forthcoming presentations exceeded their usual high standards.

Their challenge was 3 fold:

  • how to share and promote their highest professional standards
  • how to work to each person's unique style and personality
  • how to work to the strengths of the PowerPoint medium itself.

Straight off the starting blocks, we affirmed the natural style and skills of each presenter, so that colleagues were more consciously aware of their existing arsenal of presenting tools.

We then explored how they could further develop, by sharing our best Presentation Tips, Tools and Ideas to best support their company image and values.

We focussed on ways to move beyond standard bullet points, as well as how to structure their PowerPoint Presentations to promote interest, dispel potential resistance and sell their key messages in the most engaging ways.

Our aim here and in general isn't to damn special effects and technical wizardry but in working to people's style and strengths they were able to convey their key message.

In a nutshell, there are literally hundreds of ways to revitalise presentations, without breaking your budget, defying your sanity or undermining your other professional priorities.

At AGI, our focus was on ways to engage our participants with this key message. We achieved it via a practical, interactive and fun day which was incidentally supported by PowerPoint.

The true realisation is that PowerPoint, used ingeniously, is a great tool, but it certainly isn't what a presentation is about: it's you they buy, not your PowerPoint!


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PowerPoint Presentation Skills