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Negotiation Skills Training

We were delighted when Proximity, a prominent advertising agency with an impressive client list, asked us to run a Negotiation Skills Programme for them.

The directors asking for the training were already extremely good at what they do and were still interested in fine-tuning their negotiation skills. It's great to work with people who are highly capably and yet want to keep expanding their skills.

One area they were particularly interested in was developing the ability to help their clients not to make the wrong decisions. It's not the easiest thing in the world to tell your client that something that looks pretty good to them is in fact a bad idea.

They came asking for more confidence and as the work is progressing it is becoming clear that for some delegates, more preparation is the key.

We coupled this with considering the option of taking someone else within Proximity into their meetings who has the facts that they don't.

Several delegates are also finding that they get a boost of in confidence simply by increasing their choices, so now when they are wrong footed or caught out they feel more capable.

As they expand their negotiation 'tool kit' they gain in confidence; they know they have something else they can try when the going gets tough.

We reminded everyone that negotiation should be seen as a game - this way you can find different ways "to play" instead of just being numbers orientated.

This allowed several delegates to experiment with different ways to get what they wanted whilst taking into account individual client relationships.

At one point we had the group identify their own set of negotiation 'rules'.

Here's an aside about 'rules'. We do know that it's sometimes difficult to distinguish between what your actual rules are and what you would like them to be, but once you get your rules clear you can put in place strategies that will help you deal with those rules.

This is particularly important for rules that don't necessarily work for you but you're most likely going to 'follow' them anyway!

As a final negotiation exercise, they split into 2 groups (Proximity on the one side and a client on the other) and discussed separately their negotiation strategy, what their bottom lines would be and different giveaways or wins they would give the other group.

These negotiation role-plays last 15 to 30 minutes and are extremely effective. Several delegates actively put into practice what they had worked with during the day, while others were able to contribute more effectively and still feel very much part of the team.

The delegates leave enthused, even the ones who admitted they had been cynical about a negotiation skills course and are finding that the day has made a significant difference to the way they are approaching their client negotiations.

As a matter of fact, they liked our work so much they have booked Presentation Skills and Influencing work coming up soon.

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