Motivational Body Language Event - A leading US law firm

Motivational Body Language Event - A leading US law firm

Motivational Body Language

A beautiful Autumn day at the Grand Hotel Eastbourne was the setting for the action packed away day for ninety lawyers from a leading US law firm.

The objective of the day was to bring the European teams together. This was mainly for them to get to know a bit more about each other and how they operate, but of course, to have a great time in the doing of it.

They had to race around town chasing a detective trail in a fleet of Mini Coopers, followed by a highly competitive football match - all before dinner!

The Challenge

The challenge for Impact Factory was to kick the day off with a motivational morning session on Body Language that had real content whilst packing enough punch to get everyone energised and enthusiastic from the start.

As always with Impact Factory, we took a highly interactive approach using the unsuspecting lawyers to become her body language models. Beware a glance at the Blackberry - it's the quickest way to become a volunteer!

Delegates were up on their feet and moving around from table to table in the cabaret style format, whilst being given both mental and physical tasks as they explored reading and displaying body language signals. Some were subtle, and some quite the opposite!

We made sure to keep the event moving fast and the level of fun, engagement, and laughter was high and loud as everyone got to know each other better and made some quite surprising discoveries...

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Motivational Body Language Event

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