Writing Effective Press Releases - M & N Associates

Writing Effective Press Releases - M & N Associates

Writing Effective Press Releases

We put together a practical, relevant, and fun workshop on Writing Effective Press Releases, to show M & N how to tweak their in-house style.

Already masters at what they do for their huge range of prestigious clients, they asked Impact Factory to create an Effective Press Release Workshop to enable their team to make small but winning adjustments and tweaks to their in-house style.

We facilitated a day to build upon and share M & N's best practice in putting together impactful and effective press releases: they wanted a practical, relevant, and fun workshop.

As ex-journalists, both trainers had long been on the receiving end of the hundreds, if not thousands of press release, some great, some mediocre, and some downright ghastly.

They had lots to share about which ones were likely to end up in the recycling bin and which most likely to get on air or in print.

Whether in fine-tuning their content, or else in making the journalist's job easier, what we did was essentially pool our insights to properly distinguish between the sorts of approaches they could take, including what they were already doing that was exceptionally effective.

From those most likely to interest an editor and make a decent copy, to the standard tired formulaic variety.

From the more blatant self-aggrandising advert style to those hoop-jumping efforts which might temporarily pamper but would ultimately fail.

To coin the cliché, we were refocusing on what everyone already knew to be their key purpose.

How could they get for their clients the maximum oxygen of publicity?

How could they ensure consistently tangible benefits of their services?

This group had to also be master jugglers as well.

They had roles as PR experts, researchers and writers, further complicated by their need to be both diplomatic and assertive in determining not only the content of any publicity drive but what their approach should be.

Though our primary focus was on effective press releases, we further built their already considerable skills in the areas of confidence and assertiveness, creativity and presentation skills, as well as the necessity of finely tuned influencing and negotiation skills.

Hats off to the exceptional skills of the team at M & N


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Writing Effective Press Releases

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