Licensed Accredited Customer Service Training - Aspect Software

Licensed Accredited Customer Service Training - Aspect Software

Licensed Accredited Customer Service Training 

Aspect Software is a leading provider of customer contact and Microsoft platform solutions so we were honoured when, in March 2011, the company made an enquiry about training twelve top members of its customer technical support team.

At the time, the training Aspect provided its 500 strong global support team focused on enhancing technical problem-solving skills.

However, recognising that managing customer relationships can be just as important as dealing with technical issues, the company decided to improve the customer service skills of its support team too. Aspect senior management tasked the twelve with designing and delivering a new improved training programme.

From the outset, there were tough challenges. Most of the twelve weren’t experienced trainers, so Impact Factory was firstly asked to instil in them the skills and confidence necessary to train others.

We were also tasked with helping create a standardised programme to give Aspect clients around the globe a similar experience, whilst taking into account different cultural backgrounds and customer expectations.

And, perhaps our biggest challenge of all, we were tasked with achieving all this in just five days!

In response, we set the following objectives:

  • To educate the twelve about delivering quality service using Impact Factory’s dedicated training module
  • To jointly develop a customised training programme, including all materials
  • To practice, practice, practice!

In May 2011, Impact Factory consultants travelled to Aspect headquarters in Boston, USA to conduct a 5-day workshop and, from the word go, we were extremely impressed with the level of enthusiasm the Aspect team showed, and the willingness of every single team member to take on extra tasks for the greater good.

This commitment was key to the creation of a two-day programme that we felt could effectively build the skills and confidence of Aspect’s 500 support team members.

On the last day, we raced against the clock to practice our roles before packing everyone off to all corners of the globe - West Coast, Europe and India - to start work on implementing the programme.

Since roll-out started in May 2011, feedback has been outstanding. Delegates have found the interactive format and free-flowing dynamics of the training easy-to-follow and the customer service-focused content excellent.

In fact, we’ve yet to receive a single negative comment about the training, with a number of people commenting that all training from now on should be like this!

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Licensed Accredited Customer Service Training

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