International Graduate Programme - Fidelity

International Graduate Programme - Fidelity

International Graduate Programme

Did you know Impact Factory was involved with investments?

We've enjoyed a long and successful training partnership with investment expert colleagues at Fidelity - one which spans many years and has taken us all over the world.

As a result, they have entrusted us with their most precious investments - their international graduates.

In partnership with a committed Fidelity team, we have together created a comprehensive graduate induction programme that offers the highest levels of professional guidance and support.

For anyone reading this article, already more than a decade out of university or into their career via whatever route, imagine the advantage of pre-empting the stuff the rest of us have to learn through experience – usually via the harder way.

In any economic climate, to be recruited by such a prestigious company has to be an amazing opportunity.

But to be offered a whole range of strategies to survive and excel in their field, to explore ways to bolster their soft skills and enhance their natural emotional intelligence is something else.

But then, of course, we would say that because that is where we come in. Our programme has extended across a comprehensive range of modules, created to support the core skills of their young colleagues.

From presenting with impact, to ‘holding their own’ within high-level meetings; from influencing and impressing their peers to building and maintaining successful professional relationships, all culminating in the nuts and bolts of creative strategic thinking.

On behalf of our younger selves - we're jealous.

We know that their flying starts could not be better reinforced, and what a start.

To be offered the chance to consciously create the impact you want in all your professional and personal communications at the very beginning of your personal or professional journeys - we think that's definitely something of a privilege.

We've shaped our programme around the pressures and challenges we know they will face as major players within the financial world.

Most importantly, throughout the programme we have enjoyed a regular dialogue with lynchpins within their business to ensure that our induction 'curriculum' remains flexible, 'joined-up' and relevant.

Throughout, we've created opportunities for them to explore their unique challenges to help them to discover their best future options.

Clearly, we're working with a very bright group of individuals who've already shown themselves to have fantastic potential.

Even so, within the fiercely competitive world of finance, their trajectories have been the subject of deliberate and careful support, both formally and informally throughout their induction period.

For our part, we're very pleased to be part of such a progressive future investment.

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