Influencing Skills - Lombard Odier

Influencing Skills - Lombard Odier


Influencing Skills Training

The Gravitas Factor

This is something we've seen a lot of in our work: youngsters going into the lions' dens of senior people who are far more experienced than they are.

They have to make an immediate and impressive impact, and that can sometimes feel a little tricky.

Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch is a well-established (206 years old) Swiss Investment Bank.

They asked Impact Factory for an Influencing and Impact Programme to help a team of young, energetic and creative client managers feel better equipped to deal with the diverse personalities they encounter in their daily work lives.

We couldn't make them any older than they were, but we could and did help build their confidence, their sense of self-worth and their ability to handle meetings.

We left them feeling far more in charge of the communication arenas they have to work in (as opposed to feeling they've just entered the Roman Coliseum!).

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Influencing Skills Training