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Influence &Change Management - Marks & Spencer Money


Influencing and Change Management 

M&S Money is a company going through a lot of change (who isn't these days!) and people have to be far more attuned to enrolling others and getting them to support important decisions and new ways of doing things.

When you are in a position of some authority in an organisation, that alone can be your "influencing card".

However, often it's people further down the hierarchy who have to make things happen.

They don't always feel they have the 'power' or the skills of colleagues with more experience in moving things forward.

Our starting point is that everyone who works for a company of the calibre of M&S Money already has a raft of influencing skills at their fingertips.

So our job is to help people raise their profiles and gain a lot more confidence to feel more in charge of their influencing arenas.

Yes, we look at achieving excellent communication skills and developing a clear and dynamic personal style.

But we also look at creative problem solving, expanding people's spheres of influence and finding more subtle ways to get buy-in and commitment from others.

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