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Stop-Start Theatre

When Glaxo Smith Kline asked us to develop something interactive and entertaining for a group of 70 delegates, 'Stop-Start Theatre' did just the trick.

So interactive, stimulating and entertaining... this is a job for... Impact Factory.

We have pulled together a cast of actors, all with business backgrounds to create a Leadership Forum Theatre Programme with a team able to re-create scenarios reflecting everyday situations in need of some 'fixing'.

And who better to fix them than the audience themselves... with a little facilitation from us.

At Impact Factory we know that people learn more easily when they're having fun. In consultation with the client we determined what the current leadership issues were and designed several scenarios amplifying the problems adding a humorous element to the content.

We covered leadership issues ranging from what makes a leader; it's not what you say but how you say it, laptop meeting culture, teleconferencing and many more.

We started the 2-hour morning leadership session with an ice breaker that blew away the early morning 'mist' left over from the previous evening's revels.

Then instead of letting the delegates settle down for a sleep, we asked those at the back of a very ornate and long room to pull their chairs closer to the stage area.

While the hubbub was going on the actors began easing into the first scenario, so before the audience knew it, we were off and running.

On this occasion because of the amount of delegates and size of venue we had two facilitators, a 'double act' if you will.

It was their job to pull together the leadership event, make connections and encourage the delegates to suggest solutions to the leadership problems unfolding before them on stage.

Forum Theatre

This "Forum Theatre" style of presentation allows the actors, while in the moment to break out of character and ask the audience directly for advice on how to proceed.

The facilitators introduced leadership models, tools and exercises to add to the mix and during the morning, delegates were asked to break into groups and complete some simple yet illuminating tasks, the results of which were presented to the rest of the room.

Once the tasks had been completed and presented we were then able to ask questions as to how the group worked together to achieve the objective.

Was there a clear leader?
How did they display leadership qualities?
Were tasks delegated?

Feedback on the leadership event was very encouraging and left delegates energised and with plenty to ponder.

From the amount of actors' hands being shaken in thanks for the event, we'd say that enlightenment through entertainment is a winning combination.

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