Conference Facilitation - The Digital Property Group

Conference Facilitation - The Digital Property Group

Conference Facilitation

Have you heard of The Digital Property Group?

Well apart from the fact that the company are one of the UK's fastest-growing property portals, you would certainly have heard them on the closing day of their annual conference last year.

Impact Factory was invited along to facilitate an upbeat, fun and practical afternoon session to close their conference, which was focused on Sales and Marketing Strategy.

We are happy to report that there was a great deal of relevant fun, hilarity and laughter coming from their suite at the Hilton Garden that afternoon.

It was no surprise to us to get an immediate sense of being in the midst of some highly attuned 'people's people'. Invited to work with their top sales team, each responsible for their particular geographical patch, the sum total of their sales experience amounted to hundreds of years - something we asked their top numbers-people to calculate first thing.

In turn, their experience, their focus and their product has meant huge success for the company. Their rapid growth also meant that team members had a wealth of experience they may not always have the time to share or acknowledge publicly within their team.

Our session together was geared around sharing what all team members already knew about successful sales negotiations, as well as celebrating their potential as a whole team to continue to build their profile and their successful sales portfolios.

For us and this exceptional team, 'closing the deal' was far less about aggressive sales tactics, using clever gambits and playing cunning chess moves and far more about gaining trust, sustaining effective business relationships and retaining long term credibility.

From this consensus, we proceeded in a few noisy, fun hours in their conference to tease out everything which happens both implicitly and explicitly through the stages of the sales process. Our aims were always to offer an upbeat end to their conference that would be positive, affirming, varied and relevant as well as offer the team a toolkit of practical insights, memorable hints and tips.

As a result, we put special focus upon 'the final stages of 'closing the deal' - throwing out the mystical language that can cloak and cloud the whole area, to look at what else they could add to their personal tool kits.

We promised that we would not be formulaic or robotic, irrelevant, impractical, patronising, humourless. Their infectious laughter, firm handshakes, sincere thanks and smiles mean we very much believe we kept our promise.

And the bottom line? We're confident the doors are open wide to our future training partnership.

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