Customer Service and Presentation Skills - Safe Solutions

Customer Service and Presentation Skills - Safe Solutions

Customer Service and Presentation Skills

Given the sort of services Safe Solutions provide, excellent customer service skills are pretty high up on their list of company values.

They also need to be able to make winning presentations to companies that could make referrals.

Ruth Blakemore at Safe Solutions has great expectations and knows exactly what she wants. In this case, it was presentation skills and customer service training for two of her young, very bright teams.

Ruth wanted them to be stretched, stimulated and inspired while having fun.

Tall Order

A tall order you might think, but it didn't scare us!

When the team arrived at Impact Factory they weren't sure what to expect so they were a little tentative but it didn't take them long to realise that this wasn't like any other training they had ever done.

On both days, as the day progressed they became increasingly lively and enthusiastic, contributing more and more.

As with much of our training, the more you put in, the more you get out so they walked away with lots!

Customer Service

On the Customer Service day, we were able to cover some tips and techniques that can make a big difference to client relationships like how to build rapport and seeing things from the customers perspective.

There were lively discussions around ideas for improving the service they offer and they went away with new enthusiasm and some practical tools to try.

Presentation Skills

The Sales team got a lot out of the one to one coaching on the Presentation Skills day - it was real, relevant and made a difference.

We looked at using questions and eye contact to open up and close down discussions and to make everyone feel included.

We used one of the exercises to work on a genuine issue that they needed to discuss so they could see for real how the facilitation side of presenting can work.

Ruth called me to let me know what the feedback was like.

She admitted that her expectations had been very high... but we had exceeded them. Which is how we like it!

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Customer Service and Presentation Skills